Pregnancy and Dental Treatment

Ideally have a dental check up including necessary radiographs and treatment prior to becoming pregnant.

Tips when pregnant

  • If attending the dentist please inform your dentist of the pregnancy, this information will be held in strictest confidence and may have an impact on your dental treatment options.
  • Have a dental examination early on (0-3 months) to ensure healthy gums and teeth. Routine teeth cleaning air polishing and scaling can be carried out safely during pregnancy, and can prevent gingivitis (bleeding gums).
  • See our dental hygienist for best oral hygiene techniques during pregnancy.
  • Choose a healthy diet avoiding sugary snack and fizzy drinks.
  • Use "tooth mousse" tooth cream, high in calcium and phosphate to prevent dental decay, applied to the teeth last thing at night and left on. This product is available in Church St Dental practice exclusively and comes highly recommended by Dublin Dental School and Hospital and the Irish Dental Association.
  • It is safe to carry out Emergency dental treatment if you are in pain.
  • The local anaesthetic we use is safe for you and your baby. Routine extractions first stage root canal fillings, white fillings can all be carried out safely and preferably in the second trimester (3-6 months).
  • In general we postpone all elective dental procedures during pregnancy including Radiographs (x-rays), Amalgam fillings, second stage root canal fillings, tooth bleaching and oral sedation.
  • We try to avoid prescribing antibiotics and pain killers also.

Every effort is made to make you feel at ease during your visit, trusting the treatment we carry out here in Church St Dental Practice is best practice and safe practice for you and your baby.

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