Orthodontic Assessment
Your child may benefit from orthodontic treatment. The best age of assessment is 7+.  Our dentists are happy to refer your child to a specialist orthodontist following child’s checkup.

Dental Tips for Children
Tips to care for your children’s teeth.

  • 0-2 years brush teeth and gums with water only.
  • 2 years +, use a pea size amount of tooth paste on the brush. Parents should carry out this brushing up until child is 7 years old.
  • Brush twice daily (1.)Before breakfast in the morning, the reason being if a breakfast juice is drank brushing afterwards would increase the risk of erosion of enamel. (2.) brush teeth last thing before bed at night.
  • Limit the amount of sugary snacks in the diet and in particular between meals.
  • Choose healthy snacks, fruit etc.
  • Milk and water are recommended drinks.
  • Ensure your child is brought to the dentist regularly, 6 monthly.
  • What age should I start bringing my child to the dentist?
    At the age of 2years old. This will familiarise the child with the dental environment, and any problems can be detected early. The child will have all its primary teeth at this age.
  • Mouth guards or sports guards: as children get older they may become involved in contact sport, gaelic football, hurling etc make sure they get a custom made mouth guard fitted by their dentist. This will give best protection.
  • Fissure seal the permanent teeth as they appear in the mouth starting at age 6. Fissure seals form a smooth protective barrier by covering all the little grooves and dips in the surface of the tooth. This will help protect your child’s teeth from decaying.
  • See thumbsucking and soothers

Finally healthy baby teeth make for healthy permanent teeth so make sure to bring child for regular six monthly check ups.