Teeth Whitening

tooth-whiteningTeeth Whitening

A process which lightens discoloured enamel and dentine.

Air Polishing

Cleans, brightens and whitens your teeth. It is a painless treatment and has all the advantages over the traditional scale and polish.

  • Whitens ones teeth
  • Can remove up to 100% bacteria Endotoxins
  • More comfortable for the patient
  • Less abrasive
  • Method of choice of teeth cleaning for patients having orthodontic treatment carried out.
  • Stain and plaque removal in less than half the time, excellent for smokers, coffee and tea stain removal.
  • Can be used on implants, crowns, veneers and bridges
  • Can relieve sensitivity
  • Nothing touches the patients teeth so therefore painless
  • Excellent value for money
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Teeth Bleaching/Whitening

tooth-whitening-before-afterAir Polishing Before and After
There are 2 types of treatments available in our practice. Extensive research and clinical studies, indicate that whitening teeth under the supervision of a dentist (either in the surgery or at home) is safe. Both have equally good results.

  1. Zoom WhiteSpeed chairside whitening system is ideal for anyone requesting immediate results. It is the perfect choice for the busy individual, the bridal party etc. Bleaching Gel is applied to the teeth and the Zoom light positioned to activate the gel.
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Take home tray bleaching kits:

2. Take home tray bleaching kits: this involves taking impressions of your teeth and having custom trays constructed. We teach you how to apply the bleaching gel onto your teeth using the custom made trays. The trays must be worn preferably overnight for a period of 2-3weeks. Even after one week noticeable improvement may be seen. A follow up appointment is needed to review progress and thepatient continues until the desired shade is achieved.
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Patient Selection

Prior to any teeth bleaching a consultation must be carried out by our dentists. Teeth discoloured by age, genetics, smoking, tea, coffee stains and simply “yellow teeth” respond best to teeth bleaching.

Bleaching is generally not indicated on children (primary teeth) except in trauma situations.
Bleaching treatment is not recommended on pregnant women or nursing mothers because in general it is good practice to post pone all elective dental procedures during pregnancy.